The Biggest Break of My Career – Fluor Daniel Philippines


I never been loyal to a company no matter what emotional investment I had built up on it.  It was my aim to improve my career because it is directly proportional to pocket.  Whenever I see good opportunity knocking my door, I always entertain as I believe it could be the greatest break I have been waiting for.  I believe life is unending, it is always moving so we need to be mobile and agile to come with the flow.  There are lots of unexplored opportunities on earth so we need to look for it because it will not give one a clue where it is dwelling.

It was in early 1998 when I tried to apply to a US firm in Makati for a Project Controls position.  I do not have any remarkable experience with regards to this discipline and only my sheer determination and experience as Project Engineer are the cards laid on to compete with other candidates.  I was luckily shortlisted and interviewed by Paul Bosakowski, an American.  I had this strong belief and confidence  that impressed the manager to hire me in. 

The first quarter was so tight.  It was a new environment and job for me that requires computer literacy and accounting knowledge.  I experienced a struggling time to cope up with the nature of the job.  It was quite different from my previous jobs as I was staying all time in the office in front of the computer.  I thought I  moved up one step ahead of a ladder as the world I was in would lead me to more challenging and high profile position in the future. I became a full pledged office worker wearing formal clothes as required by the corporate. It was goodbye to rubber shoes and t-shirts, goodbye to the heat of the sun and the cool temperature of the airconditioned rooms gave me more fairer skin.

Fluor Daniel is one of the leading EPC contractor in the world and being hired here meant a lot as it paved a way to penetrate the high paying jobs in Oil and Gas industry. I knew I was in the right track to fulfill my dreams and it happened in the right time.  I really started as a beginner and a bit confused of the complicated scope of my work.  There were lots of people to talk with,too many paper works, a lot analysis, accounting and introduction of software tools and expertise in Microsoft applications.  I also found out there were too many intelligent personnel in the company who spoke good english and oozing with a lot confidence. 

I started in Pacific Star Building in Makati and later we moved to a bigger office in Alabang.  Fluor offered a lot training and self development seminars where we used to attend. I learnt about presentations and team management.  It was my first time to work with Americans and found them good managers as they give support and freedom for a staff to shine. 

I had the more relaxing time and convenience in Fluor Daniel so I utilized the time to pursue masteral course in De La Salle University.  We used to leave the office at 4:00 PM from only Monday to Friday so from the office I attended classes in DLSU after office hours and during Saturdays.  Unlike my first try with UP under NGCB employment, I successfully finished all my academic units in two years and only a thesis defense was left to grab the diploma.  I never had the chance to enrol for the thesis program but the experience I had was good enough for my career as it gave another feather in my cap.

Fluor Alabang employed more than 500 personnel and during the early part of 2000 as the world was still picking up from the 1997 worldwide recession, the company needed to trim down the personnel and I was one of the unlucky staff included in the retrenchment program.  It was my attitude to view life in the positive mode so I was not bitter for that fate and instead moved on and applied again not in the local scene but the abroad.  Fluor gave me a lot that could boost my chance to a more competitive job hunting abroad and it was in this employment I was able to studied masteral course, one of my dreams.

After Fluor Daniel, I never been employed in any local company and was the start of my big  career abroad that was why I considered it the biggest break that put me on the soil I am standing now.  The rest is history.


11 Responses to The Biggest Break of My Career – Fluor Daniel Philippines

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    • kharen says:

      Hi!good day!!Im kharen..I’ve received an interview invitation at Fluor Daniels and I am so overwhelmed..Im waiting for this for a long time coz I think they can give me the career growth that I am searching for..can I ask for some bits of advice Pls..about the exam and Interview they are giving??I really wanted to get this Job but I dont have a background or any technical experience in the field..Thank you and God Bless!

      • Hi Karen,
        Nice to hear from a budding technocrat. You have not mentioned what discipline are you in, most probably engineering. This is my good news. Nevertheless of technical knowhow (presumably you are just starting…), Fluor may have seen an asset in the making from your credential. They are not inviting people who are below their standards. They have their own gauge in determining who to hire and you pass this initial hurdle. I, like you, do not hanielufficient background in Project Controls, my weapon was my sheer confidence, wits and possibly they could have seen something stored in me that may be beneficial for the company. Just be yourself, more often than not, those who are very articulate and spontaneous to interview questions land the jobs. Be honest, see straight to the eyes of the interviewer, sit straight, dress good and show some proof that albeit having no enough experience, you can be a fast learner and soon can contribute to the best interest of the company. Should you be planning to go abroad, Fluor Daniel is one good door to more high paying, challenging work out there so do your best and nail it. Noboby starts from nowhere to gain experience, it must have a beginning. Exams by the way, is not a problem should you grasped your college diploma from a hard earned studies. All of these, nothing you should be fear of, relax and be excited and most important..pray! In the other hand, if any of your application fail, do not lose hope, move on, believe in yourself and just think the perfect job designed for you by the Lord above is still just waiting. Cheers!

  2. Lelouch says:

    To: George Fosana

    Yes indeed I agree with your foregoing statements. Mostly the latter parts. Surely it will help a lot of applicants. Thanks again.

  3. I am inspired by your story… and I wish you continued success! I am having my exam and interview tomorrow.. and if it’s the will of the Lord to share the same success as you had with Fluor… great! If not, like what you said.. HE has bigger plans… continued success to you! To God be the glory… thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Leonard says:

    Hello! I was so inspired how you motivate Ms. Karen regarding her upcoming interview. Actually, tomorrow is also my exam and interview, that is why I was so overwhelmed while I read your response to her. I’m thankful and blessed to found this page. Now, I’m ready for the turning point of my life! And it will start tomorrow! Thank you and God bless you! =))

  5. Leonard says:

    Hi again! just to add up, we have somewhat similarity on job before you was hired in Flour. Like you, I am also a project engineer, that is why I really like the part you mentioned what you are in the site before and what you are at Flour. But, what catches my attention most, is this part…

    ” Nevertheless of technical knowhow (presumably you are just starting…), Fluor may have seen an asset in the making from your credential. They are not inviting people who are below their standards. They have their own gauge in determining who to hire and you pass this initial hurdle.”

    This really boosts me more! Thank you very much.

  6. Jackielyn Lisay Tunacao says:

    To George Fosana,

    I am very enlightened and overwhelmed with your advice and comments. Very well said. Thanks a lot and more power! God bless you greatly! 🙂

  7. Thanks for your comments, Fluor has a ready arm for those who wishes to come back to their fold, wish my 3rd opportunity materializes again…

  8. Neil says:

    Hey that’s my mom in the pic! hahaha

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